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You’ve heard of ‘the cloud’ but you want to understand how it can help your business and how you can unlock its potential to make your business soar. You understand how critical IT systems are to your day-to-day operations, in the age of the sharing economy, the ‘Uber effect’ and AirBnB, surely there is a better way to invest and pay for IT services? If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place.

If you have used Facebook or online banking, guess what? You have used the cloud! To many people the term ‘cloud computing’ is scary and abstract, but simply put, it means storing your data, systems and software in an off-site, secure, managed and ultimately purpose-built facility with redundancies and backup measures most businesses could only dream of. The great news is that with thousands of customers using these services, you get economy of scale and enterprise services at small business prices.

We were born in the cloud – unlike our competitors, we don’t have existing revenue streams that we are trying to protect. Our business was formed on cloud technologies, and we want to help you get these benefits too. Is your IT guy providing real value? Or is he justifying his own existence? Let us discuss with you about the systems and processes you use within your business to see how we can transform your business by utilising Cloud Connect services. Read on for more details on how we can help you on your cloud journey.

Cloud Connect Services



Office 365
Cloud servers
Cloud Backup
Security and antivirus


Logo and graphic design
Web design/hosting
Search-engine-optimisation (SEO)


Managed Services
Prepaid IT support
Office365 support



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