Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

How does mobile device management work? 

The modern workplace has become increasingly agile, with employees no longer limited to the office or even their homes to do their work. Mobile devices are enabling teams to get more done from more places. With the use of Mobile Device Management solutions, businesses can expect the same level of security and efficiency as they would in the office.

Mobile device management software allows you to leverage the expertise of Cloud Connect to keep your devices secure, and your staff productive.

We remotely manage and enforce your security policies across all your mobile devices while tracking and monitoring for any performance issues, all from one central location. This ensures that your business-critical information is safe, and your essential operations can be maintained.

Mobile device management features that keep you at your peak

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Remote monitoring and troubleshooting

We’ll identify and troubleshoot issues remotely as we monitor the health of your devices. We can also remotely lock devices or remove data from corrupted ones in the event of a breach.

24/7 visibility

With reporting on maintenance, updates, usage and security, your devices and employees can be supported at all times, ensuring things are optimised and performing at their peak.

Asset Management

Location data allows you to keep track of your employees and mobile devices, supporting staff safety and enabling you to locate lost or stolen devices.

Optimise your mobile workforce with Cloud Connect

Improve efficiency and productivity

Enjoy a flexible and productive workforce with remote monitoring and system updates that prevent delays caused by manual updates and software issues.

Security you can count on

Protect your emails, corporate data, critical applications and more with restricted access control, password management, remote wiping, and security managed by the experts.

Reduce costs

Eliminate downtime costs by getting people back to work faster, and receive a better return on investment with fully optimised devices.

Benefits of mobile device management from Cloud Connect

  • Work with us to develop tailored security policies that the solution can support.  
  • Alleviate pressure on your IT team.
  • Ensure your device configuration is consistent for simple switching and sharing. 
  • Remain compliant with organisational and regulatory security standards. 
  • Access a one-stop shop for management of all devices, including PCs and laptops. 
  • Allow us to assess your mobile device management requirements and develop a solution to suit. 
  • Leverage a complete mobile device management solution, no matter the size of your business.

Seeking more ways to optimise your IT environment?

Trust our experts to manage your IT assets. Free up your team so you can spend time doing what you do best – working on your business.

Ready to get started?

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