NOC in your Pocket

NOC in your Pocket

A network operations centre, at your fingertips

A network operations centre (NOC) is a great way to help your organisation maintain a reliable network. However, it can require significant time, personnel, equipment and costs to manage consistently and effectively.

Cloud Connect has the solution: NOC in your pocket.

NOC in your pocket is a mobile networking management tool that provides automatic insights into your critical infrastructure, hardware, applications, services and more.

What makes NOC in your pocket so special?

NOC in your pocket is a first-in-market solution delivered by Cloud Connect. It was designed to deliver proactive and tailored support to minimise false alarms or false starts.

Rapidly installed and maintained as an end-to-end service, this tool is backed by the expertise of industry leaders and will help you free up your internal resources so you can focus on your business.

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Key features and benefits from mobile network management

Instant Alerts

Instant alerts

Be notified instantly in the event that something goes wrong, and get your technology working for you rather than the other way around. Alerts go directly to your mobile phone, allowing your IT team or Managed Service Provider (MSP) to action things quickly if a critical system is in a fail-state.


Invaluable awareness, for the price of a coffee a day

With a setup fee of $400 and 10 connections for $99/month, or unlimited connections for $199/month, you’ll save thousands in labour costs. Plus, you’ll alleviate downtime expenses.

Simplified Management

Simplified management

Understand the status of your network at all times. You can even enhance your optimisation when bundling your NOC with Managed Services.


Take control of your network infrastructure

Your MSP can use your NOC to identify trends, overuse, areas of congestion, and problematic or faulty devices. This allows them to proactively eliminate problems and help improve the efficiency of you network configuration.


Experience rapid resolutions

When you know exactly what’s wrong, you don’t need to spend time investigating the source of the problem. Minimise business disruptions and downtime by cutting down response times and getting issues fixed fast.


Real-time Visibility

Receive 24/7 visibility of your network health with automated monitoring of your internet connection, Wi-Fi access points, network switches, internal servers, and more.

Ready to get started?

Let’s make it happen. Talk to us today to arrange an initial consultation so you can start benefiting from a highly operational network.

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