Hosted Servers

Hosted Servers

Hosted server solutions, made local

Eliminate the need for on-site servers and the maintenance that comes with them. Instead access our reliable, locally-hosted server solutions.

Our world-class data centres are hosted at NEXTDC and have a guaranteed 24/7 uptime, allowing you to access your business data whenever you need it.

When we handle your server hosting, we take the time to understand your business and tailor our solutions to suit your needs. Discover more about our dedicated servers.

What’s possible with Cloud Connect hosted servers?

Keep your business-critical applications running with reliable hosted servers

Run applications in a 100% uptime environment so you can keep your business moving, and provide your customers with a consistent and reliable service.

Connect from anywhere with a virtual machine

Experience network and business flexibility like never before with a remote desktop protocol that allows your staff­ to access their computer from anywhere.

Back up your data for peace
of mind

Back up your important data on secure servers that help enhance your business cyber security while simplifying your disaster recovery.

Why choose Cloud Connect for your hosted server solutions?

By trusting us with your hosted server solution, you’ll benefit from:

  • Flexible options to suit your business
  • 100% uptime guaranteed
  • Local, long term data storage, so you know exactly where your information is
  • Server resource boosts when you need it
  • Access to our customer portal to make requests easy
photo of locally hosted servers

How hosted servers are delivered

Standard inclusions

All of our dedicated servers, regardless of term, tier and size include:

  • 100GB solid-state drive (SSD) storage
  • Windows Server Datacentre licensing
  • 28 days backup, 2 monthly snapshots and 1 yearly snapshot

Optional add-ons

Add on your custom server requirements:

  • Advanced security internet gateway (conditions apply)
  • Extra public IP
  • Additional reserved bandwidth, unlimited traffic
  • Flexible resourcing of RAM, storage and CPU
  • Remote desktop services subscriber access licence
  • Microsoft SQL Standard, per user or unlimited users

Learn more about Cloud service solutions for your business

The cloud doesn’t need to be out of reach. Access secure, local cloud solutions tailored specifically to your business.

Leverage the expertise of tech leaders

Cloud Services - Lenovo Cisco Fortinet

Partnerships with Lenovo, Cisco and Fortinet for premium performance

Our partners at Lenovo deliver, manage and maintain smarter infrastructure solutions that keep your services running smoothly. Our network is built with Cisco switches, and protected with Fortinet firewalls, creating a powerful ecosystem for your hosted server.

Cloud Services - Reliable data centres

NEXTDC: Australia’s most reliable data centres

Our local NEXTDC data centre is the only Tier IV Uptime Institute facility in Perth – meaning it meets the highest standards for operational sustainability. The facilities are built to world-leading security standards, with hundreds of CCTV cameras, biometric fingerprint readers, bullet-resistant portals and weight discrepancy detection.

Cloud Services - Failover

Redundancy and failover for virtual machines with Windows Hyper-V

Our server environment is a High Availability Cluster running on Windows Hyper-V, with the server nodes working together to provide redundancy and failover to your virtual machines with little to no downtime. This, coupled with our fully redundant firewalls and switching provides the highest level of availability at all times.

Ready to get started?

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