19 Apr 2023
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Cloud Connect WA is proud to support Privacy Awareness Week (1 to 7 May 2023).

Privacy Awareness Week is an annual campaign led in Australia by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) that highlights the importance of protecting personal information.

This year Privacy Awareness Week is about getting ‘back to basics’. It spotlights some of the simple but fundamental steps to take to protect privacy – whether it’s your own, or someone else’s.

To help keep your personal information safe:

  • Treat it like the asset it is. Don’t share it without good reason, and only share what’s necessary.
  • Update your privacy settings: check what you are saying ‘yes’ to. Many websites, apps and devices share your personal information by default.
  • Make the most of security updates for your devices and apps by installing them promptly when they are rolled out.
  • Use strong passphrases (made up of 4 or more random words) and multi-factor authentication.
  • If your privacy is breached, act quickly to reduce your risk of harm. Steps you can take include changing your passphrases, watching out for scams, and checking your credit report and financial accounts.

Check out the OAIC website for more helpful tips to protect your privacy.

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