Why you need mobile device management

Why you need mobile device management

21 Sep 2023
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Technology has allowed the traditional workplace to surpass its own definition. Rather than being restricted to the office, employees are now empowered to work from anywhere. With the increased use of mobile devices for business purposes, things are more agile than ever before.

Mobile device management offers the chance to optimise the remote workplace, ensuring that business data is secure and providing workers with the same level of efficiency as they would experience in the office. This remote device management software solution manages and secures both your mobile devices and corporate data while helping your IT team optimise device performance.

How does mobile device management work?

With managed devices through a mobile device management solution, your IT team or service provider will be able to remotely control, encrypt and enforce your security policies across all your mobile devices. This includes your smartphones, tablets, and laptops, all from one single software.

Your mobile device management solution will typically have both a server and client application component. The server is where device monitoring and communication happens, either in the cloud or locally. It will remotely push your security configurations, policies, and applications across the wireless network while allowing remote device management, tracking, and monitoring. You can also set up and update client applications across all devices, or target an individual one.

Why mobile device management is important

As workplaces become more agile, mobile devices will play a bigger role in day-to-day business. Without a suitable system in place to manage potential issues and disruption, mobile devices have a greater chance of experiencing issues that can negatively impact operations and services. Similarly, as mobile devices are accessing more critical business data, keeping them secure has never been more important. Mobile device management is an effective solution for both of these needs.

The benefits of mobile device management

Improved productivity

Mobile device management enables remote monitoring of devices to help keep employees up to date and performing well. When staff can work without dealing with delays that affect business continuity, and aren’t hindered by a lack of technical knowledge to resolve issues, they are bound to be happier and more productive.

Mobile device management also enables seamless remote working and updates, providing the freedom, flexibility and efficient technical support modern workers crave.

Consistency across your organisation

Is your staff sharing devices or often switching from one to the next? Mobile device management can ensure the configuration, applications, usage and other device elements are consistent. This helps people to feel comfortable with whatever device they are using, enabling consistent navigation and seamless workflows.

Simple resolution and troubleshooting

MDM provides remote troubleshooting capabilities, so if your mobile devices need any updates or maintenance to resolve technical issues, your IT administrations can handle these remotely. This is assisted by device diagnostics, allowing IT teams or service providers to find issues from anywhere, including things related to battery or storage health. With these features in place, you can get back to business sooner and continue to serve your customers.

Enhanced security

Protecting your business information should be a high priority. With mobile device management’s security features, you can secure your mobile devices and the data they hold in the event of an attack, or lost or stolen device. These features include:

  • Policy control: ensure your devices adhere to organisation-wide security policies.
  • Password management: only authorised employees can access your devices, even when stolen or lost.
  • Reporting and security: gain insights into maintenance, updates, usage and security of devices in real-time.
  • Remote data wiping: sensitive data can be removed remotely if a device is lost, stolen or breached.
  • Remote device locking: devices can be locked remotely if lost, stolen or breached.

Reduced costs

The more downtime you have, the greater impact to your bottom line. When your issues can be resolved quickly, your business can get up and running without any significant loss. With greater security in place from mobile device management, you can mitigate the effects of attacks and data breaches that can be costly to remedy. Mobile device management’s optimisation of your devices also allows you to glean their full benefits, allowing you to leverage a greater return on investment (ROI).

Greater visibility of your assets

If your devices are lost or stolen, mobile device management gives you the power to keep track of them. Location data will provide insights into where both your mobile devices and employees are. Not only does this help locate any misplaced devices, but it also supports the safety of your team when they are on the move.

Talk to Cloud Connect about your mobile device management

The first step in successful mobile device management implementation is planning. Cloud Connect can help you do this by assessing your organisational needs and working with you to develop policies for your approved devices. That way, we can ensure the solution supports you effectively. From there, we will act as your IT team, relieving your internal resources and ensuring your mobile devices are secure and optimised. Get your mobile workforce performing at its peak, and talk to our expert team today.

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If you would like to learn more about how Cloud Connect can help your business please fill out the form and our friendly team will be in touch shortly, or give us a call today on (08) 9481 4988.

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